NDA Model-IB facilitates the development of a value centric Smart Building functional specification through a top down approach. This captures a client’s operational needs and defines lean measurable ‘Smart Features’ that deliver an investment return and operational support from day one. The correct amount and blend of technology can then applied and structured to deliver these in a lean and measurable way. This approach contrasts to the typical bottom up route of specifying and procuring technology and systems first, and then engineering them to create operational functionality that may deliver value, but may also never be used and result in a wasted investment and frustration. Model-IB is an online portal that offers the client and project team interactive testing of potential features as they evolve through specification development. This alleviates the need for costly meetings, illustrates investment clarity at the specifications stage, and clearly defines day one Smart Feature deliverables. 
Collaborative development straight from the pocket through smart phone interaction. 
Involve operationally relevant people in the Smart Building specification development 
nurture thought | identify needs | capture processes | identify value 
View Smart features on the portal as they are conceived 
Fully dimensional feature development 
cause & effect | analytics | deliverables 
Interactive simulation via the portal 
A value driven specification 
Delivered Smart features from day one 
The correct technology and systems 
Cost alignment and investment clarity 
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